Down in the Meadow.. Hunger Games tunes, got stuck on these for months..!

Interesting how the triumphal “Capital” theme can be stylistically and¬†harmonically interwoven with Rue’s tune. Amazing movie, great music! From a Read more...

Moonrose Sacred Feminine Ritual on the night of the Blood Moon

Thirty masked women (including myself) took to the stage for over 1-and-a-half hours on Sunday 27th September 2015 at St Read more...

Surfing on Sinewaves @ the LP Cafe Watford June 2015

enjoyed the rhythmic elements of this piece, really came through. Great Meeting Cos Chapman, Tom Fox and James Conway. Always Read more...

Duet with Hems at Tuesdays Post June 2015

Darker, more geeky and a bit more East London in style than usual, thanks Henrique! loved it..  

FeMMuseTech event hosted by University of East London

2015-05-12 14.19.05
It was a pleasure to be asked to talk about my work and the role of women in music technology.. Read more...

Qualial Coalition EP Release March 2015

qualial coalition
Qualial Coalition by Georgina Brett Where is your focus? (musically and visually) I have been waiting for years to place Read more...

Live Voice Meditation @ The Groucho Club 10th February 2015

2013-08-20 19.52.05
Strayed into the realms of 5/4, pentatonic and whole tone scales as well as some Eastern flavours, which i love.. Read more...